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The song was taken out of the show during a subsequent national tour (Wow, that REALLY didn’t work!) He did additional graduate studies in Musical Theater at New York Unive… It was a naughty, jazz-baby song called “You Don’t Know” and was sung to Younger Brother after they had made love. Her character is not able to “button” until this moment. After one of our early meetings, he handed me an envelope and said, “Read this when you have a chance.” I opened it in a cab and burst into tears, realizing that our collaboration would work, and that his work could inspire lyrics. This music is also used in the second half of “Entr’acte.”Ahrens: Coalhouse begins a fruitless journey from lawyers to clerks to government officials, trying to get acknowledgement of the wrong that has been done to him and satisfaction for the damages his car has sustained. 1 - “Entr’acte”Flaherty: This instrumental starts with the “Ragtime” theme, then segues to the darker strains of “Justice,” preparing the audience for the darker places the story will travel.Ahrens: The entr’acte isn’t a recapitulation of musical themes as much as a dramatic piece of music, composed to set the mood and prepare the audience for what Act 2 will bring. The first songwriting team I would like to shine a spotlight on is Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens. Thank God for pizza delivery: I was unable to leave my hotel room in Toronto for nearly three days while scoring this out!Ahrens: This is another good example of words, lyrics, and music coming together as one. Thank you, Audra, for the assist!Ahrens: Stephen came up with the simplest of melodies, a lullabye, as Sarah sings to her infant son, telling him why she did what she did. After moving to New York, she worked in advertising, and then joined the creative team of Schoolhouse Rock (1973), a children’s television series of animated educational shorts. The song is performed by the extraordinary Broadway company, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to some of the folks who sang on the original demo: Chuck Cooper, Tina Fabrique, Andrea Frierson, Michele Pawk, Bill Nolte, Ted Brunetti, and Billy Porter (who rocked the ALTO section! The stage went from one world to another without missing a beat—literally. 10 - “Harlem Nightclub”Flaherty: A short dance to remind the audience of what Coalhouse has lost and also to lead us into the next song. In it, Terrence quoted a beautiful passage from E.L. Doctorow’s novel: “Small, clear chords hung in the air like flowers. )Ahrens: What we wrote incorporates not only the Harlem Ensemble, but also the specific viewpoints of Mother, Younger Brother, Emma Goldman and more—all reacting to the horror of the death and also to the state of the land. Every time Frank would yell “Gates!”, the music would need to illustrate the large gates rising and falling down. Terrence was facing an impossible task—writing a confrontational scene between Coalhouse and Booker T. Washington and trying to do it in real time. Only on Broadway! We can’t imagine the theater without him. Below, I have included five audition songs for men and five songs for women written by this talented songwriting team. Stephen thought I’d written those syllables as placeholders, but I meant those la las! Performed by LaChanze Patina Miller, Amber Gray, and more sing on this batch of original songs about life in quarantine and a hopeful future. By Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Lozano | 10/05/2020. A long-running musical theatre partnership - Ahrens a lyricist, librettist, and composer, Flaherty a composer. 18 - “The Trashing Of The Car”Ahrens: The central theme of prejudice rears its head, as the Irish firemen trash Coalhouse’s prized Model T. It was important to communicate that fire chief Willie Conklin embodies the fear and hatred that the Irish themselves experienced and later re-directed against African-Americans. So I asked our Toronto music director, Ted Sperling, his opinion. The musical with a book by Terrence McNally, music by Stephen Flaherty, and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens played there for two years, but has lived on as a beacon of the musical theatre canon. I also enjoy being the female lyricist who set “Hock, spit.”. Writing those three-minute musical history lessons taught me to how to describe a complicated subject in a concise and entertaining way. Their most well-known musicals include Ragtime, Seussical, Once On this Island, and the animated film musical Anastasia, but the team has scored many other lesser-known shows over the past 30+ years as well.

“Back to Before” from Ragtime (1998) His intelligence and love for all things musical and theatrical hum through every inch of Ragtime. This was meant to keep the ideas moving forward, never stopping or resolving.Lynn Ahrens: Some nine writing teams were asked to audition for Ragtime. Sidebar: Younger Brother was Terrence McNally’s favorite character in the show.Ahrens: Younger Brother is “a firework, unexploded” and the rabble-rousing Emma Goldman is the match that sets his heart alight. We were family. Along the road to their mutual triumph, the duo has also worked separately. He had written a wonderful monologue for Mother, standing on the dock, saying goodbye to her husband as he sails off on expedition. Sign up for exclusive discounts and save up to 50% on tickets! 13 - “The Courtship”Ahrens: This sequence pulls everyone into the action of Coalhouse’s determined courtship of Sarah. Before long, the goodhearted Mother invites him in, he sits down at the piano, and “a new music” begins. But then, Garth was nothing if not audacious.

Bravo, gentlemen! On going back to my notes, I saw that I had tried a similar approach in my original musical sketch, which was titled “Silhouette Man.” Sometimes you just have to trust your original instincts! 11 - “Sarah Brown Eyes”Flaherty: The final full song we wrote for the show as we approached previews in Toronto. An excellent lyric by Lynn (as she points out below) tells us so much about Mother’s processing of the situation and the very sheltered lives of those in New Rochelle society.
This sequence was developed during the rehearsal process in Toronto when our director, Frank Galati, asked us all to “improv” the immigrant experience, using props and movement to create characters and to illustrate the emotions in coming through Ellis Island’s gates. So I wrote a jagged, sinewy ragtime counter line for Coalhouse and the others to express their anger as the hymn continued. Lynn never changed a single lyric from its first draft. It’s a surprising moment, a sudden realization of purpose for the character, and by the end he is lyrically and literally “standing on a chair.”. In the original production, an actual Model T rolled off the line, Coalhouse Walker landed triumphantly in the car, and then drove it straight offstage.
Performed by Steven Pasquale (Footnote: The Glorious Ones would not be produced in New York City for another nine years. The Broadway staging placed JP Morgan high on a catwalk that slowly lowered and crushed the immigrants. 10 - “Henry Ford”Flaherty: Our homage to Stephen Foster, another composer who hails from my hometown of Pittsburgh. Ragtime: The Musical – Original Broadway Cast Recoding.

Track-by-Track Breakdown: Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty Dissect Their. He was always so incredibly generous to up-and-coming writers, actors and directors. With her permission, her response became this lyric: “And I wouldn’t tell those peckerwoods even if I did.”, 5 - “What A Game”Flaherty: Lynn and I wrote this song, a toe-tapper about racism and prejudice, as a way for the audience to exhale after the previous number, with the song still making a dramatic point. Not so sunny was the reception given to My Favorite Year (1992-3). So, in this sweeping opening number, I introduced each of the main characters using bits of narrative from Terrence’s treatment to show that we were sensitive to his text. Sheet Music: MusicNotes, 3. 14 - “Look What You’ve Done”Flaherty: The culmination of the drama, set in the Morgan Library, and the area of our show we dubbed “The Play,” since we had no idea how to musicalize it. (And it also explains those insanely high sopranos towards the end. And thank you, Playbill, for this opportunity to relive my memories of this show and remember our time with Terrence.Ahrens: There are no lyrics involved here, so I’ll add my thanks to all the brilliant people involved in the making of Ragtime; to my partner for his glorious music; and finally, to our irreplaceable Terrence McNally. We had exactly 11 days in which to write and produce four demos, in between other projects, so I wrote two lyrics, Stephen wrote two pieces of music, and then we swapped. We wrote three shows together, arguing and laughing over every line, lyric, and note, drinking a lot of coffee and talking about life and theatre and family. We would eventually create and layer other vocal counter lines, in other languages, creating a tapestry of chaos and urgency, finally uniting everyone on the word “America.”Ahrens: I researched songs sung by immigrants of many nationalities, and eventually managed to weave a few together into a chorale, as hordes of immigrants enter through the gates of Ellis Island, each with their papers in hand and their dreams and expectations: “You’ll soon be eating apple pie from off a china plate.

If you need further assistance finding repertoire for yourself or for your students, make sure to ‘like’ the Kevin Michael Jones Voice Studio & Repertoire Services page on Facebook! Nominated for 12 Tony Awards, Ragtime took home trophies for Best Book of a Musical for McNally, Best Original score for Ahrens and Flaherty, Best Featured Actress for Audra McDonald, and Best Orchestrations for William David Brohn. Sheet Music: MusicNotes, 5. That car signifies to Coalhouse everything he wants to achieve, not just for himself but for his son—a future on the move, wheels turning, times starting to roll--and a country that he believes will be welcoming and fair. 4 - “Coalhouse Demands”Flaherty: A through-composed musical scene that shows how Coalhouse’s actions affect the many different individuals and groups of people in New Rochelle and New York City. “What is wrong with this country?” is as blunt and personal a line as I’ve ever written.

Sheet Music: MusicNotes, 4. These words are about Tateh’s defiant vows to escape.

While he was studying at the Cincinnati College Conservatory, Flaherty was encouraged by Lehman Engel, the director of workshops for composers and lyricists at the BMI Workshop. As his rage increases, he becomes fixated on his pursuit, irrationally setting his own happiness aside. Luckily, it finally occurred to me that the song was really about the mythical American Dream, represented by the car. I’m not their n*gger!” That one word “their” changed the meaning radically and brilliantly. Some of these musicals haven’t been commercial hits, but a few have found new … It is a simple plea for empathy and compassion to America’s commander-in-chief.Ahrens: This extraordinary moment dramatizes a random event that is so familiar today it’s like a punch in the gut. The musical theme as Conklin and his men trash Coalhouse’s Model T is used as the basis for the next song, as Coalhouse tries to navigate the American judicial system. I’m a big fan of Ahrens & Flaherty’s ability to cater their songwriting style to specific musical genres and time periods. Sheet Music: MusicNotes, 9. How could they fail to meet in Act 2? There’s also a certain irony to it, since Mother and Father have just had a quarrel, and are trying to “run away” from their troubles. By Bobby Conte Thornton and James Sampliner | 04/24/2020.

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