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He approaches Atom Eve and asks her about the Teen Team. Mark tells Eve later that he doesn't want his parents to know what she did to him. Mark then headbutts the alien repeatedly until he crushes his skull; Mark then collapses. After getting Robot to block the frequency, Mark destroys almost all of the Reanimen. Dinosaurus has placed strange devices all over the world, and the Guardians of the Globe assume they are explosives. Mark demands that he does it anyway, and the scared doctor complies. Soon, Nolan notices that Mark seems depressed. [16] Sinclair tries to turn Mark and William's friend Rick into a cyborg called a Reaniman. Eve reveals that she had an abortion while Mark was fighting off-world. They arrive and are asked to sign paperwork. Be the first and add one. Knowing he could never have a traitor taking over his role, Thragg decides to secretly kill Mark; however, Dinosaurus steps in and fights him, almost getting killed in the process, and uses timed explosions to escape with Mark to his secret base on Earth. Later, he tries to take Terra flying, but she gets scared. Oliver comments to Mark that her lobster-like appearance may seem strange, but that's what he's attracted to. Instead of fighting, they will hide on Earth as neutral observers, holding off any attempt at conquest and restoration of their Empire for at least a thousand years. Then Mark asks him not to turn evil and invade Earth as he was secretly planning to.

Eve arrives with Mark, believing he broke something. [43], In December 2009, the Image website announced an Image United tie-in one-shot called Image United: Interlude. Robot is outraged by the leniency of Mark's punishment, and is working on several hidden projects that he has built in the new moon base that corrects Earth's new tides. Meanwhile, Angstrom Levy discovers that Invincible is alive, and that the footage he saw earlier was fake. Mark Long Kuan-Wu. Invincible refuses and the two of them engage in a vicious battle, but Conquest is better trained and dominates the fight.

Dinosaurus believes the only way to save the planet is to cut down on the population, so that all natural resources are used up much more slowly. Oliver tries to help but is nearly killed; a still recovering Eve rushes to help, but is killed by Conquest. As they get intimate, Mark begins to cry, and a worried Eve wonders what's wrong again. Carter Wong is a villain Tai-Chi master who, along with his two students, go around challanging and soundly defeating various martial arts schools. Robot then murders the Mohawk Invincible with a bomb that works its way down the throat, and decapitates Angstrom Levy. BORN INVINCIBLE (c 1978) TRADITIONAL CHINESE: 太極氣功: 太極元功: AKA: Shaolin's Born Invincible: Tai ji qi gong: Tai ji yuan gong: The Invincible: CAST HEADSHOTS UNIQUE TO FILM: Carter Wong: Lo Lieh: Mark Long: Jack Long: Nancy Yen: Corey Yuen: Yuen Shun Yi: Alan Hsu: Lung Fei: Maan Saan: Su Chen Ping: Chen Pei Ling: Yuen Woo Ping: Following them, a Flaxan invasion force attacks. On Talescria Allen thwarts an assassination attempt, but is injured in the process. Eve knocks on the door and asks him if he's okay. Monster Girl (in male Monster form) has a brief affair with one of the princesses, and Robot is overthrown and banished for a brief time. Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker and illustrated by artist Ryan Ottley, Invincible first appeared in a preview as part of Tech Jacket #1 (November 2002), before graduating to his own self-titled regular series in 2003, as the premier title in Image's then-new superhero line. They become frustrated while fighting Mark and launch a nuclear missile. When Monster Girl tips her hand and realizes Monax was right about Rex's megalomania, Rex reveals that he tried to kill the Zaxal that Monster Girl was with. They later visit Allen in the hospital after his attempted assassination.

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