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Spencer Davis, ‘Gimme Some Lovin” rock star, dead at 81, With Steve Winwood as lead vocalist, the Spencer Davis Group had two No. Like any great LP, “Folklore” — which Swift made remotely with a crew of fresh collaborators including Aaron Dessner of the National and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon — has its high points and low points, its peaks and valleys, its “Come Togethers” and its “Octopus’s Gardens.” Here, then, is a critical rundown of every song on “Folklore,” ranked from worst to best.16. It’s a fascinating coda, and one that directly conflicts with the sun-streaked “Daylight,” which ended Lover. The gentleness of Dessner’s touch is fully on display here -- strings, drums, synthesizers and acoustic guitar are brought in for a glimmering childhood memory -- yet Swift is even more commanding, delivering one of the more nuanced vocal takes of her career. “The 1” starts off the album on a conversational tone, with Swift speaking in elliptical phrases about dreams, memories and the impermanence of time.
Because of Dessner’s involvement, folks on Twitter have been talking about Swift’s newfound appeal among the Silver Lake dad scene. A stop-you-in-your-tracks love song that finds wonder in simplicity, as Swift reflects on the journey that led her to happiness, the lows that made her savor the highs more, and the serendipities that life affords us if we’re lucky enough. / Or does she mouth, ‘F— you forever’?”, A sequel of sorts to “Mad Woman,” this icy arena-goth number — one of several tracks on “Folklore” co-written and produced by Swift’s old pal Jack Antonoff — is narrated from beyond the grave, as a dead woman addresses the tormentors she “didn’t want to have to haunt.”. (07.09.2020. [46] Ha mantenuto la prima posizione per una seconda settimana consecutiva, grazie a 22 550 unità di vendita, di cui 8 830 fisiche, divenendo il primo disco di Swift a ripetere il primato settimanale tra gli album nel paese. And why would she accept it? Get our revamped Envelope newsletter, sent twice a week, for exclusive awards season coverage, behind-the-scenes insights and columnist Glenn Whipp’s commentary.

“August” gains power during its bridge, when the relationship sours but Swift finds personal strength in the shambles.


Justin Vernon contributed to this highlight on the album’s back half, and indeed, “Peace” sounds like Swift channeling the textures of Bon Iver’s i,i album, her thoughts arriving in sharp, potent blasts as programmed beats blink and an acoustic guitar wanders. The arrangement here, all symphonic flourishes and slicing violins, sets an even more dramatic tone for Swift’s rejection of the mundane. [48] Situazione analoga in Irlanda, dove la cantante ha superato Madonna e Beyoncé ed è divenuta l'artista donna ad avere più album numero uno del secolo con cinque.
A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Charlamagne Tha God Voices His Opinion On 50 Cent Endorsing Trump | Billboard News, Exclusive: Nelly Talks 'DWTS' & Previews New Song 'Lil Bit' With Florida Georgia Line | Billboard News, Watch Adele & H.E.R. Taylor Swift Releases New Album 'Folklore' -- Listen! Folklore ha ottenuto l'acclamo universale da parte dei critici musicali. Dessner’s influence is immediate, including the interplay between guitar and piano in the arrangement, but the track remains largely unadorned; imagine “The 1” as the natural evolution of Swift’s previous album opener, “I Forgot That You Existed” on Lover. In front of the intricate production, she sing-raps before pulling back into a pleading falsetto, her imagery so steeped in authenticity you can smell the sweet tea and grass clippings of her yard. “The 1”, In keeping with its surprise roll-out, “Folklore” wasn’t heralded by an advance single. Album Top 40 slágerlista - 2020. (Beth Garrabrant) By Mikael Wood Pop Music Critic . 07. Intriguing lyric, though, that seems to take in the horror of COVID-19 (or perhaps her mom’s experience with cancer): “Something med school did not cover / Someone’s daughter, someone’s mother / Holds your hand through plastic now / ‘Doc, I think she’s crashing out.’”. How to vote. [12], La foto di copertina dell'album è stata scattata dall'artista Beth Garrabrant. © 2020 Billboard. Swift has channeled Lana Del Rey at least once on each of her albums since “1989,” and here it happens in the woozy first part of a three-song suite about a teenage love triangle. This marks a new type of storytelling for Swift, so steeped in historical observation and time-hopping, but still honoring the point of view of a remarkable woman who refused to conform to societal expectation. Yet, of course, we already have our favorites, the Folklore tracks that immediately stand out and, we expect, will be returned to most frequently. [37], Secondo la Republic Records, il disco ha venduto 1,3 milioni di copie globalmente nelle sue prime 24 ore della messa in commercio. As the stuttering percussion persists and the orchestration swells, she keeps transforming the chorus, memories rushing back to her until she reaches the apotheosis of her longing in a sensational display of emotion. It is all here. Former Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham joined TikTok to re-create Nathan Apodaca’s viral “Dreams” video, sipping juice and ... riding a horse?

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