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Forcing it whenever you get the time is far better. This is good if you don't have the time or the means to active force or just want to get in some extra work on your Tulpa without having to active force. The difference here being you also give up control of your senses and consciousness and allow your tulpa to take over completely. Practice every day seeing it inside the shield, and unable to make a sound in your mind the the shield is up. I recommend something involving the traits entering their body, even phasing through. As far as the facts go, there’s no concrete evidence that demons, or possessions are a real thing. There are many reasons one might WANT such a friend in their mind. Plan it out first Many have reported such things, but many also may not consider this a possibility. Someone you can have a laugh with? You can decide to open to them everything about yourself, including your most intimate memories, your everyday thoughts and everything you know. This allows them to interact with the outside world. You can find some books about Tulpas that might go slightly more in depth here, also you might find these things useful: This was written by Stefan Zugor (Read his story), a long time lucid dreamer, creator of HowToLucid, digital nomad and adventurer. Don’t go crazy, and make sure you know very clearly what’s real and what isn’t. Of course, more is always better. Im not great at articulating my thoughts, so please bear with me if this is a tad long. This means you don’t have to put energy into interacting with it all the time. There are many ways you can dot his but we’ll just cover the main one here. Regaining control of your body is a matter of reversing the process, just as in possession. Hello. As I mentioned before, you don't have to do it open-eyed, but I did and thus only have experience with this using open-eyed visualization so your results might vary. In short, another individual whom you share a physical body with. So to summarise, yes tulpas are very real in the persons head, but they’re not real in the sense that you can interact with or see someone else tulpa. It's best to visualize your Tulpa while you are meditating. Don't worry about how long it'll take, just go through the paces and keep at it until you get results. Visualize its behavior and itself every day. This is narration, and it's a very important and easy way to work on personality. Of the people who start the process in some form, how many eventually end up with a vocal tulpa? It may be tiresome and boring, but it's important. Let’s get started. They can verbally say things, physically (seemingly at least) touch your body, apply apparent pressure to your body and parts of it, and also  install certain feelings in you which can also be experienced as ‘gut feelings’. This book teaches you how to create a sentient tulpa using the power of the mind. Back to the top. This is much like when you talk to the area in a lucid dream, but you’re awake this time and you’re letting your tulpa show you something. If you find this difficult, that’s perfectly normal as well and so you should practice imagining what you think it SHOULD say before naturally hearing it. Tulpas can feel as real as you want them to. First, write down all of the Tulpa's personal characteristics. Passive forcing is a way of forcing without totally focusing on your Tulpa/Wonderland. A guide on the tulpa creation process by NLD. Tulpa creation is a capability of the brain, allowing you to create a separate consciousness that is sentient. In terms of religion, tulpas probably cause a problem.

Lay back, close your eyes and let your pulp show you something. Im in the opinion that as this is such a personal matter to begin with, I should include what I personally feel is important. Before creating or imagining a Tulpa, it's recommended that you draw it so your imagination can be vivid.

Let’s get started. This is going to be a long article so I’ve added a little contents section to hopefully make it easier for you to navigate through it. 4. For this reason, this guide will show you how to ‘create’ a tulpa, but your work will never be finished. It can’t interact with you. You can use this as a workshop of sorts for creating your tulpa, and the two of you can expand it later. Even though you can base it off of ANYTHING, it is advisable not to base it after cartoons and shows, as this can lead to identity problems later on. When you switch, you give up all connection to your physical body so will not be able to quickly regain control as with possession. Don’t get too sucked in to all of this and don’t forget that your tulpa is only real in YOUR head. Essentially it’s like an imaginary friend, but the stories you’ll hear are far scarier than that. Give it a name, or open your mind and hear it tell you it’s own name. When returning to your own body, you may feel the same side effects as possession on a larger scale. Take some time to really think about what and who you want your tulpa to be. There could be a lot of theories, but for now I will explain one.

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