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The Little Mermaid slit “The moon was a hand-mirror breathed on by a Queen.”, “My breath was a chiffon scarf for an elegant ghost.”, Opposite of a “white horse” which represents a prince or a knight, which the Beast is not, “The Beast fell to his knees at the door”, Gender role reversal; describes the beast to be in a submissive position (typically female) instead of dominant, Blatant imagery shows how openly Beast showed his attraction. Done through verb choices, imagery, and tone, Role reversal → Mrs Beast is the more dominant one in the relationship, Breaks the stereotype in which women are more invested in the relationship, Mrs Beast’s coldness, uses Beast’s emotion to her advantage, Emotion: humanity; by ridding herself of emotion, it makes her somewhat lose what makes her human, Lowers her status to accept her small piece of dominance and power, “My face–Helen’s face, Cleopatra’s, Queen of Sheba’s, Juliet’s …”, “My eyes–Nefertiti’s, Mona Lisa’s, Garbo’s eyes…”, “The Little Mermaid slit her shining, silver tail in two…”, “…line of ghosts unable to win.

We could see the same woman growing and changing through each poem until she herself becomes a mother. a bottle of Château Margaux ’54,

Cleopatra was famous for being the last active pharaoh of the ptolemaic Egypt. We were a hard school, tough as fuck,

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• Queen Kong, This is a common theme in many of Duffy’s poems. ready to carry me off at one wrong word, In this poem, there is clearly a romantic tone that stays throughout this poem, as sarcasm or any sly comments are nowhere to be seen – this is a huge significance among Duffy’s poems, as sarcasm is a common device she uses in order to show her hidden hatred like she did in Mrs. Icarus.

Another poem written by Carol Ann Duffy, having similar beliefs that all princesses are bastards.

This is really light reading at just 76 pages long, with 30 poems inside.

I had to take an AS level exam based on it. then tossed our fiery drinks to the back of our crimson One night,

to scour between my toes. It also shows that the Beast’s incapability to communicate emphasises his Beast-like nature. Or to scratch my back They crave the stability of a man in their lives, and they do not seem to dream or desire of anything more than being settled down into a marriage and starting a family. Mrs. “He had the grunts, the groans, the yelps, the breath of a goat.”, Animal imagery dehumanises the Beast. the breath of a goat.

A dominant theme featured in the poem. The Scheming fatal Female that manipulates men and gets killed for it, An egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife to Akhenaten, the Great Pharaoh, Nefertiti means “A beautiful woman has come”, “The best known, the most visited, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world”, Widely known for the beauty of the woman, Lisa Gherardini.

till it bled.

The narrator of the poem is bent on being with her lover, so she decides to go searching for him when he leaves her, and winds up in New York City. There has not been a woman who married the Minotaur. Woman of Nazareth as the mother of Jesus. unable to win. bluff. I slept for a week, then woke to binge for a fortnight” (Duffy). Nineteenth century German poem, published by the, A beautiful princess under a sleeping enchantment, placed by an evil queen, “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”, “My Queen, you are the fairest here so true. The use of enjambement here creates a dramatic pause which causes the reader to focus on the last couple of words – in this case – “the sex”. was over the biggest pot I’d seen in my puff. The sheepish Beast came in size of a mules – best. no longer a girl, knowing my own mind, This firstly subverts the male-female stereotype, and more importantly is used in the poem as a medium for dominance and control by Mrs. She died at a young age,36 years old and her story had such a bad ending no princess/fairytail should have.

Sure enough, Bearded flipped Also featured in: • Little Red Cap • Mrs. Tiresias • Queen Kong. ———————————————

There is a constant reference towards the difference between “Women” and “Girls” by Mrs. Considered to be one of the most beautiful women in ever, An adaptation of the fairy tale Rapunzel by Friedrich Shulz, based on Persinette, A girl trapped in a tower, with beautiful long hair, saved by a prince, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy Golden Stair”, Most famous blues singer in the 1920s and 1930s, Only surviving version was written by Charles Perrualt and published by Barbin in Paris 1967, Bluebeard has had several wives, all mysteriously vanishing (Bluebeard killed them). Also featured in:

I noticed the Frau’s hand shook as she placed her chips. In “Queen Kong” by Carol Ann Duffy, the role of King Kong is replaced by a woman narrator, who falls for one of the men that is exploring her native habitat. Followed by “I had the language, girls,” which shows her intellect and thus dominance.”. I held my breath. Beast.

to kiss my glove with his mongrel lips – good – Cleopatra gave her life to her beloved one. This complete lack of thought about an independent lifestyle is similar to the way Queen Kong sees living without her lover, stating that “[she] had been so lonely” and that “no man has been loved more” regarding her affection and devotion to him (Duffy). I had to take an AS level exam based on it.

were glued to the pot as though porridge bubbled there. “Here was a part of him like a horse, a ram, an ape, a wolf, a dog, a donkey, dragon, dinosaur. 500 Good Morning Text Messages & Best Wishes For Boyfriend . Ariadne, the daughter of Minos fell in love with the minotaur.

———————————————- Duffy reduces the power of the beast by undermining his sexual performance. Bearded raised. • Little Red Cap Mrs. Queen Kong becomes obsessed with the thought of the man, “[drinking] handfuls of river right by the spot where he’d bathed” when he is no longer on the island (Duffy). War had been waged by Menelaus in order to return Helen to him.

There is also a personal tone to it, which makes the readers feel like Diffy is specifically talking to the reader, which suggests that she’s not afraid to express her love for her significant other, and this emphasises the romantic tone even more. I watched those wonderful women shuffle and deal – Fay Wray is an American/Canadian actress, most well known for her lead role in King Kong.

the drop-dead gorgeous Bride of the Bearded Lesbian didn’t

• Little Red Cap Beast as she sees their naivety and innocence as a weakness, susceptible to the dominion of patriarchy.

my own gold stashed in the bank,

gaze into my eyes – Nefertiti’s, Mona Lisa’s, This firstly subverts the male-female stereotype, and more importantly is used in the poem as a medium for dominance and control by Mrs.

She was ranked the most famous female star in the US on 1930-32, A fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Cristian Andersen, A mermaid who gave up her life in the sea as a mermaid to become human and be with a prince. Beast, the Bearded Lesbian is covering the fact that she is a girl with facial hair.

that he knew he was blessed – better – ( Log Out /  Il apparaît initialement en 1933 dans le film du même nom, réalisé par Merian C. Cooper et Ernest B. Schoedsack.King Kong devient rapidement une icône du cinéma fantastique et, depuis les années 1930, connaît de nombreuses adaptations (dessins animés, romans, comics, jeux vidéo, parcs à thème…).

I could have told her – look, love, I should know, The tale was retold with the bears being a family, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby bear. Beast.

Beast is described as “Little Red Cap” grown up, with her own money.

Twice. The poem is heavily sexualized as she comes to realize very quickly on that “it was absolutely love at first sight” (Duffy).

In Mrs.

Goldilocks’ eyes Garbo’s eyes – think again. I should know this book inside out.

Rapunzel… Bessie Smith… Bluebeard’s wives, Henry VIII’s, Snow White… Diana, Princess of Wales…”, Alludes to women in history and literature known for their impeccable beauty, Alludes to the harsh story (and not the fairytale ending) of Little Mermaid; introduces the breaking of happily-ever-after stereotypes, Alludes to women who have either died or taken advantage of in pursuit of their man; connects to the idea of gambling in relationships (through the poker game) in which these women lost, “Who’d dump her in the end, chuck her, throw her overboard…”, “One wrong word, one false move, one dirty look…”, Describes the unequal affection between a prince and a woman; each verb gets harsher. • Queen Kong, Alludes to the harsh story (and not the fairytale ending) of Little Mermaid; introduces the breaking of happily-ever-after stereotypes all of us beautiful and rich – the Woman The World’s Wife is Carol Ann Duffy’s first themed collection of poems (published in 1999). and we stood for the toast – Fay Wray – one false move, one dirty look. my own black horse at the gates was invited.

Swedish born American film actress and icon during 1920-30s. Once you know them, you can just sit back and try spotting which poems relate to the symbols on the front. Queen each. into that stinking wound, got up and walked, ( Log Out /  were his hooked and yellowy claws to pick my nose,

At the very end of the poem, the lover dies, and Queen Kong wears him around her as a necklace, claiming that “in his silent Death, against [her] massive breathing lungs, he hears [her] roar” (Duffy).

She conceived her son while a virgin by the holy  spirit. Here was a bit of him like a horse, a ram,

The yellow dwarf is a hideous character that was supposed to marry the princess. Princess Diana, was the first wife of prince charles. Queen Kong acts more drastically, yet eerily similar to the women in Jane Austen’s Emma. 23.1K 14. Marilyn Monroe. to sing off-key all night where I couldn’t hear.

Eve, Ashputtel. Serious ladies. if I wanted that.
Realistically, The World’s Wife should actually be called ‘The Beginner’s Introduction to Poetry’, but I’ll elaborate on that later.

Makes reference to obscured women throughout history. Do that.

a head-to-head between Frau Yellow Dwarf and Bearded’s

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