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Sian Taylor is an actress, known for Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (2009), Peppa Pig (2004) and Divergence Eve (2003). And then, we’ve got to recognise as architects when it’s our own ego driving something, as opposed to when it’s a requirement of the architecture or the client.”. In August 2019, Siân says, “a couple of the graduates that work with us brought [the UK declaration] to my attention, so it was sort of on my radar. Following the UK’s call to arms, 17 additional countries have now made their own declarations. just some things that make me happy put into a lil' 'short film' thing. You can help our fellow visitors by expanding it! How do we move beyond declaring and into action? How can the industry work towards sustainability when clients still call for concrete houses and slash budgets down to the bone? The Declare label gives specifiers information on toxic materials used in products. We can influence something from the bottom up, but obviously regulations need to change.”, But, architecture is still a game of give and take when it comes to client wants and needs.

The South Island firm she runs with her husband, Mark Read, specialises in creating energy efficient homes with sustainability at their core.

Public Event, Auckland, Opinion: The disappearing plan and section. Sian Taylor, Actress: Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. Sian Taylor, Brighton. “SIPs are a great product because when you install them, immediately airtightness goes up and you’ve got insulation, but it doesn’t actually make much difference if you’ve got a north-facing house with lots of glazing. “It took quite a lot of work to talk to people and help them understand what it was and get the founding signatories together.” The New Zealand Architects Declare movement was officially launched, stating that the building industry accounts for nearly 40 per cent of energy related CO2, during last year’s Festival of Architecture in September.
“Windows, for example, are always the most expensive, so it’s often the biggest discussion we have with clients. Energy modelling software like Sefaira can be used to determine which specification-swaps will make the most positive change to a projects thermal equation for the best price. Does green housing equate to healthy housing? Sian notes that swapping in thermally-efficient glazing is one of the biggest things architects can do to minimise energy use in homes, as Team Green has done in their Oliver’s Ridge house (seen here). Stub pages can be easily expanded by doing research on the topic and editing the page. Sian Taylor started the New Zealand Architects Declare movement in September last year along with Wanganui architect Duncan Sinclair. Sian Taylor is an actress, known for Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (2009), Peppa Pig (2004) and Divergence Eve (2003). Team Green has obviously made a name for themselves in environmentally-friendly design, and Siân recognises that not all architects will attract the same type of clients. “Another thing that we’ve put on the list starting points for everyone is energy modelling.” Energy modelling software – like EcoDesigner for ArchiCAD, SketchUp’s Sefaira or the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) – can be used to run cost/benefit analyses on swapping out products and systems that are more energy-efficient.

I think the first step is awareness. “We know that it has to come from both sides. Encouraging architects to come together and declare a climate emergency and acknowledge the part that the built environment is playing in it through Architects Declare was just the beginning for Siân and cofounder Duncan Sinclair of Black Pine Architects. But, we are able to say if you swap out this for this, you no longer need an in-built heating system. Last year, this conviction led her to start up New Zealand’s Architects Declare movement along with Wanganui architect Duncan Sinclair. Along with promoting thermally broken window joinery, Siân says switching to non-toxic materials is “low-hanging fruit” – things that can be done without having to change the architecture of a building at all. Sian notes that swapping in thermally-efficient glazing is one of the biggest things architects can do to minimise energy use in homes, as Team Green has done in their Oliver’s Ridge house (seen here).

There were 28 founding signatories, including all 10 living NZIA gold medal recipients. It’s the biggest source of heat loss in our buildings. Basically, when life gets hard, surround yourself with shite that makes YOU happy.
But, it is just like anything else. The original clients get back a Wellington house designed by ... Landscape architect Lisa Dunshea is the new head of the …, –

And I said, I’ll do the same.”. If I hadn’t done energy modelling, I wouldn’t have known that. “If you look at the declaration,” Siân says, “you need to break that down into real practical steps we can do today.”, The first, and perhaps easiest step, is windows, according to Siân. It goes from being an emotional decision to a logic-based one.”, As another example, through energy modelling, Siân has learned that, in certain cases using structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for a home doesn’t change the thermal equation much. Image: Samuel Hartnett. The third guideline is to avoid toxic materials.

The New Zealand Architects Declare movement has tried to equip signatories with well-researched resources like the New Zealand Green Building Council’s (NZGBC) Net Zero Carbon Road Map and Up-Spec from BRANZ, to combat this. “I could tell Duncan was going to do what he needed to do. Saving money on that product and spending it on better windows, for instance, will equate to a better thermal outcome and a more comfortable home for the same budget. I still have a lot of issues with my body that I'm trying to overcome but at the end of the day it's keep…

Opinion: The disappearing plan and section, Auckland Council appoints new head of design office. Commentary from the Architects’ Journal to The Guardian lauded the movement in the UK but asked, just as Siân asked before launching New Zealand’s own declaration, what does it mean now? “Fourth is what BRANZ and the NZGBC have just developed called LCA Quick, which does life cycle cost analysis of our buildings based on a New Zealand context,” Siân tells us. It helps architects better understand the effects of their buildings on the environment over the long term.

Sian notes that swapping in thermally-efficient glazing is one of the biggest things architects can do to minimise energy use in homes, as Team Green has done in their Oliver’s Ridge house (seen here). Join over 20,000 of your peers and colleagues by signing up for our weekly digest and receive our best projects, news and trends straight to your inbox. You will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. • Never in a million years did I think I would a) be happy wearing a bikini, b) want to look at myself in the mirror and c) take a picture of me wearing one. You’ve got to get it going,” Siân reports.

With that, the fear comes in around cost. To be honest, I was nervous that it would be another bandwagon-type thing where people jump on, but how much meaning would it have?”, Siân attended the Oceania Biophilia Summit in Glenorchy last year and was speaking to one of the representatives from the Living Future Institute of Australia who said, “You’ve just got to do it. And we talked in the office about if we should do something. “There is a commercial reality. Similarly, Kiwis are also asking where we go from here. Early New Zealand modernism, a respect for the sea views ... Rochelle Ade has just completed a social housing case study ... You may have heard the term ‘co-housing’ bandied about lately ... We have reached a time where student projects are sometimes …. Architects Declare began in the UK as an open letter, which declares a state of emergency on climate change and biodiversity and the role that the built environment industries play in that crisis. Editorial: Chris Barton on COVID-era architecture, Behind the Object: Te Hau-Ora, The Breath of Life, Our Aotearoa: Te Tiriti o Waitangi and equity in architecture, Drawing on ideas: it’s all about the drawing, Architect Nick Stevens talks sandcastles and collaboration.

It’s one small thing, but as soon as you change it to a thermally broken frame, the whole equation of the building changes. Because the knowledge isn’t there yet, the immediate thought is: that’s going to cost me more money. 2 of 5. The Architects Declare movement started in the UK in May 2019, any today 17 countries have adopted their own declarations. 4,577 Followers, 815 Following, 1,008 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sian Taylor (@sian_taylor1) That is why we’ve promoted these systems as our starting points.”, As the conversation about the architect’s role in the climate crisis continues around the globe, Siân notes, “The big thing I’ve learned is that there are less rules of thumb than I thought, which is why I think it’s really important to consider every single building and to share our knowledge. When asked what she thinks is the biggest barrier for architects in New Zealand when trying to embrace sustainability, Siân says, “My gut feeling is that lack of knowledge is the number one thing.

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