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Semi-structured Processing:  Which uses a simple SQL interface to provide a real-time schema-on-read view over JSON, AVRO, Parquet and XML. is super-fast and transparent for the end user. Symptoms: Query Failures, Degraded Performance, Warehouse Provisioning delays, Delay in the processing of data ingestion Incident Start Time: 11:25 PT Oct 08, 2020 Let’s assume that I have two tables in Snowflake named SALES and CITY. In addition to the velocity challenge, the data is provided in JSON format where the structure is likely to change over time. Welcome to pushdown query processing.

of parallelism as much as you can.

of time a warehouse is running, not for the number of queries, so take advantage Here most of the data transformation like filtering, sorting, aggregation etc.

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This comes with huge disadvantages including no industry standard SQL interface, a lack of join operations, and no support for ad-hoc analytic queries. It summarises the challenges faced, the components needed and why the traditional approach (the Lambda Architecture) is no longer a sensible strategy to deliver real-time data queries at scale. Message Queuing: We can expect short term spikes in data volume which implies a message handling solution to avoid the need to scale up the entire solution for the worst possible case.

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are XML files. Suppose you run the same query on a medium warehouse A bigger warehouse will finish queries

like I/O for example, that cannot be mitigated by just throwing more processing Writing SELECT statements is exactly the same in Snowflake as in any other database. in a (temporary) table.

Customer Sentiment Analysis:  Used by many retail operations, this involves the capture of and analysis of social media feeds including Twitter and Facebook. Now, lets take build a job to use these components and to utilize snowflake query pushdown. The diagram above illustrates a common architecture referred to as the Lambda Architecture which includes a Speed Layer to process data in real-time with a Batch Layer to produce an accurate historical record. I will explain it with an example. Re-write your query. These components are available under ELT -> Map -> DB JDBC, Let’s take a quick look at these components. Now that the job design is completed, lets run the job.

you pay about the same amount of money. This involves capturing data from millions of electronic sensors and transforming and storing the results for real-time analysis on dashboards. adjusting to the SQL dialect of Snowflake, since they overlap greatly. Batch Processing Effort:   The batch processing layer assumes all input data is re-processed every time. The great part of having a faster query because of a bigger warehouse is that

In essence, this splits the problem into two distinct components, and the results are combined at query time in the Serving Layer to deliver results.

The basic idea of pushdown is that certain parts of SQL queries or the transformation logic can be “Pushed” to where the data resides in the form of generated SQL statements. Snowflake supports Query pushdown with v2.1 and later.

The critical component that makes this possible is the Snowflake data warehouse which now includes a native Kafka connector in addition to Streams and Tasks to seamlessly capture, transform and analyze data in near real-time. Snowflake processes queries using massively parallel processing compute clusters where each node in the cluster stores a portion of the entire data set locally. Metadata required to optimize a query or to filter a data are stored in this layer.

The tables in the TPCH_SF10000 Tableau:   For analytic presentation and dashboards.

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