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Because Lyft & Uber have defied the law and issue 1099’s for us, we are considered “misclassified” – the state and EDD see us as employees, but our bosses don’t. If you’re not eligible for unemployment, you may be eligible for Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, or Nonindustrial Disability Insurance. The state promised quick action on PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) – with an on-line application available on 4/28, and people quickly receiving payments. Save your tax documents, and your calculations for the quarterly totals, as you will need to share this data over and over again in this process.

Even if they have not awarded you a weekly benefit yet you must respond. Please let me know if I can get it to you via online.According to the 1099-K I received from ______, I earned $XX,XXX between January and March, earned $XX,XXX between April and June, earned $XX,XXX between July and September, and earned $XX,XXX between October and December. But the CA State guidelines on UI vs PUA (the support for workers NOT eligible for UI) are confusing (https://www.labor.ca.gov/pandemic-unemployment-assistance-pua-program/). The rare exception currently is in California where you can file for unemployment benefits. Will I need to apply for the federal aid too? This can be official 1099s, or whatever tax information you receive through your drivers apps.

Have this important information ready as you prepare to file for unemployment. If it’s less than that, you’ll want to divide your 1099MISC by 4 and add that to your best quarter. Or if you have excel, you can download this form and it does some automatic figuring for you: excel quarterly earnings worksheet. In California under AB5, yes, you file as an employee. Our guide: We developed this guide which will walk you through the process of filing on the website. (2) File a correction via US Post Mail:When you receive your certification letter, mail it back with these corrections and additions: You will start getting weekly correspondence from the EDD, asking questions about your work. Then select “Missing Wages from Claims” from the Question Topic dropdown menu.c) Briefly state why EDD does not have your wage information. App-based drivers and other gig workers are considered employees and absolutely qualify for Unemployment Insurance (UI) in California. Because UI is determined by your highest gross earnings in a quarter, you may be able to secure a higher benefit if you break down your earnings for the last 18 months by quarter. In terms of PUA, the state is figuring out a process right now so contractors and self-employed workers can access those federal benefits. If you need to break down your earnings on a monthly basis to show your quarterly gross earnings accurately and hopefully get a higher benefit, we’ve got specific information on how to do that within the Uber and the Lyft apps:  Uber Process and Lyft Process. Figuring out your gross by quarter can be a chore. A new program for undocumented workers in California called the Direct Disaster Assistance program is designed for undocumented people. Certify by phone at U1-866-333-4606 and select Option 2. We have demanded change from EDD, but in the meantime, we think the best process is as follows. This Google™ translation feature, provided on the Employment Development Department (EDD) website, is for informational purposes only. Cross out the zeros and write in the appropriate amounts to the address listed on the upper left-hand corner of the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award. Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages. EIN for organizations is sometimes also referred to as taxpayer identification number or TIN or simply IRS Number.

You can certify in various ways: Here are our recommendations for filling out the questionnaire based on advice from Legal Aid at Work. Once the EDD verifies our income as drivers, we receive both UI and the $600.

If you’re not sure where to start, review the Unemployment Benefit Programs Flowchart (PDF).

Uber Technologies Inc. 1-866-576-1039 1455 Market St #400 San Francisco, CA 94103; Lyft Inc.- 1-855-865-9553 (. In addition to the state benefit, $600/week federal benefit will be added to regular UI benefits until the end of July. For the first time, independent contractors will be able to apply for financial support. Because the state wants to verify our wage data – and Uber and Lyft aren’t giving it to them. You will then have to file a protest to get your benefits. Gather your wage information: You’ll need to gather the information you will need for the process first.

The employer identification number (EIN) for Uber Technologies, Inc is 452647441.

According to the 1099-K for 2018, I earned $XX,XXX between October and December 2018. - Apply on the EDD website as an independent contractor, self-declaring your income. Attach 1099s or other evidence of wages in each of your claims. Creating an account is an important step as soon as you qualify for unemployment benefits. The weekly benefit amount will be based on your highest quarter of the base period, which is a four quarter long period. It is unclear at this time if your protest will be upheld. You may have to go deeper. You can access your UI Online account to certify for benefits. UI Vs. PUI - Amount of Benefits You Can Receive + Other Differences - CLICK HERE. Some have discussed that the Uber and Lyft TOS mentions that in order to drive on their platform, you must remain independent contractor. We are not recommending drivers apply for PUA as under AB5 we are eligible for regular UI as misclassified workers – and will be better protected that way. Begin process on EDD Website: https://www.edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/UI_Online.htm Still not at $11,700 for a quarter? Financial assistance is available for coronavirus-related causes of unemployment, and it applies from January 27 through December 31, 2020. In addition, many of the frontline phone operators at EDD don't have the correct information about misclassified workers like ourselves, or the process. We are updating it regularly to match their updates: The state has promised to give benefits for all weeks we've applied for, back to February 1. See an example of this below. Right now there are 2 things you have to do to  - on the web, and in the mail: (1) File a correction via the EDD Website:a) Log onto UI Online at uio.edd.ca.gov, click the UI Online button, and then click the “Contact Us” tab on the right side of the webpage.b) Select “Claim Questions” under the Question Category dropdown menu.

Once you register and create an account, file for unemployment online with UI OnlineSM. The web pages currently in English on the EDD website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the EDD provides. The EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs, had their hours reduced, or had their businesses affected due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California. What to Expect After You Reopen Your Claim, Fraud and Penalties: What You Need to Know, Overpayment Withholdings: Tax Refund or Lottery Winnings, Get Tax Form 1099G for Your Federal Tax Return. Can’t find what you are looking for?
For those of us applying for UI, the process of verifying our income has taken way too long. If you had an active claim and stopped certifying for continued benefits, you can reopen an unemployment insurance claim if it was filed within the last 52 weeks and you have not exhausted your benefits. To access that program, click this link: You weekly state benefit will be between $40 and $450 per week, and is 50% of your weekly pay, up to $900/week. Anyone with a work permit or green card or a citizen can apply for UI. The United States. With this account, you can apply for Unemployment Insurance or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, reopen an existing claim, and manage a claim. If you drive for Uber or Lyft, you can write the following (filling in the appropriate information):I am an employee driver of _____. Your 1099K breaks down your monthly earnings so it’s easy to figure out your quarterly. We stand by the info we provide below, and thousands of drivers have received benefits using these instructions. For those forms, visit the Online Forms and Publications section. Why? That's crystal clear. [Repeat that for every company that failed to report your earnings to the state.]

Some of us only receive tax info for the year via the app. If you are out of work or have had your hours reduced, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. This is common for a part-time driver.Click “Submit”You can also watch this video to navigate you through this process at https://youtu.be/2W7e3P2lrO8. We should be paid NOW and we should be receiving our state benefit based on our past income and the additional $600 federal benefit. Answer all questions and honestly - and here are a few tips: https://www.labor.ca.gov/pandemic-unemployment-assistance-pua-program/, https://www.edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/UI_Online.htm, Step-by-Step Guide To File for Unemployment in California, https://www.sfexaminer.com/news/uber-and-lyft-drivers-demand-unemployment-benefits/, https://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/immigration/covid-19-dra, In California under AB5, yes, you file as an employee. It's still taking too long for EDD to verify our income, but we're fighting to push for a quicker, more streamlined process. If your benefit was smaller than it should be - and not based on ALL your lost earnings, this process will help you as well. But for everyone thus far, it has been a lengthy process, as the state has to find other ways to verify our income because Uber and Lyft are not following the law, and don't report our earnings. It is one of the corporates which submit 10-K filings with the SEC. The EDD is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the formatting of the pages resulting from the translation application tool. Take the Necessary Steps. Our advice: file for regular UI – best instructions are below. Learn how to qualify for unemployment benefits. I was misclassified by the company(ies) as an independent contractor, and my notice of award does not reflect the wages I earned while working for ______. Then, follow these steps to register and apply for unemployment, certify your benefits, and manage your claim. - Once you receive benefits request a wage audit - which will result in them asking for your 1099s and a call with an EDD tax auditor who will ask questions to determine your status as a misclassified driver. California drivers: Submit a wage claim to the CA Labor Commissioner from our website to demand backpay from Uber/Lyft for misclassification. What do I put as Uber & Lyft's information? Learn More >. Question 4 can confuse people too: “Did you refuse any work?” You can answer NO even if you did not log into Uber or Lyft. Understand your role and responsibilities in making sure that certifying your benefits is reported accurately, and that you receive the correct amount.

Some of us sit accepted to the program, but with $0 benefits because the state is working to verify our earnings with Uber/Lyft. The UI process asks for your gross income month by month over 18 months. Uber Technologies, Inc is a corporation in San Francisco, California.

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