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It evokes a feeling of anxiety from me becuase of the terrified look on the woman's face. The shapes of her face, if anazlyzed piece by piece are just that, shapes, but combined together in this excact order and form creates the maximum amout of feeling behind this painting. 3 AP EnlishWeeping WomanThis picture of the weeping woman is a very intriguing one.

The Weeping Woman is an oil on canvas painted by Pablo Picasso in France in 1937.

tmcclanahanThe picture Weeping Woman by Picasso has an overall sad feeling to it. The way she is holding her body suggests she is trying to comfort herself and work through her sadness. We have analyzed each of these to demonstrate how great artists use this visual element as a creative force in their work.

She looks like she is suffering greatly and in much agony. The big block of junk that sits atop her head can represent how she feels like her world is crumbling.

The image also refers to the Surrealist photographer Dora Maar, known for her glossy black hair and tapered fingernails, with whom Picasso had a tempestuous relationship.

This portrait causes feelings of sadness, fear and confusion to me. The painting draws attention to the woman's eyes, which are very watery from crying. Marie-Thérèse Walter is referenced in the distinctive nose and forehead, features the artist frequently depicted in the 1930s. Her eyes try to tell her story, brimming with tears and open to harm. Then if you look at her charcoal eyes, and charcoal inner face you relize she is in emotional pain.

The Architects Home In The Ravine, 1991 (oil on canvas, 200x275cm.).

Picasso uses strong dark lines to pull the fragmented image together and to subdue the optical shock of opposite colors (red/green, yellow/purple, blue/orange). In a quick sketch that took less than a minute to complete, Rembrandt manages to capture the unsteady balance, the emotional bond and the generational relationship of the figures. Maybe the woman is suffering...The feelings I have are a mixture of confusion, likeness, and akwardness. The woman's eyes are like shattered headlights, pierced by the fractured shards of the handkerchief; her chattering teeth gnawing convulsively on its cloth. I'm guessing maybe she didn't like all those different colors she was painted with.

Her external wear contrasts with her face and hands.

Her face has a green tone which can commonle be interpreted as a sick color. The main focus is in the mouth region, it looks like she's clenching her teeth. KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI (c.1760-1849) Weeping Woman, 1937 (oil on canvas). The wrinkling of her brow seems to show her anguish, as well as the blue coloring in the center of her face. 3The woman in this portrait looks sad and confused. I see the interior is blue, maybe revealing bones, a globular mess, it hurts my eyes. There are greens, blues, blacks, and browns, they are bright, yet muted compared to the vivid blue. The way Picasso painted her tear into a spoon in which her eyes are afloat really represent how we often feel when something horrible has happened. When you look at the painting as a whole, it seems almost bizarre; when you look at it in separate pieces, it makes some sense. -The lighting towards the middle of her face shows a bit of a cold and bitterness.-Her eyes seem to emitt a bit of attention to the viewer.

The colors and the sharp edges add to the unhappy mood. The chaotic modge podge of figures and shapes sharply drawn in the tissue may also signify the harsh realities that have come into play. By visiting our website or transacting with us, you agree to this. 3. There are sharp edges and abstract shapes. She seems to be a woman who cares about her appearance(in looking at her clothes and makeup), but her grief is far too much to even hold that together. The sharp edges take away from the saddness and add a sort of anger or eagerness to the mood. Alos, the jumbled lines, mis-matching colors, disformed and misproportioned face, and the media chioce all contribute to a feeling of anciouxness and terror that is felt by the viewer.

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