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Weil er sich mit seinen Eltern überworfen hat, verlässt der junge Fliegenfischer Gus (Zach Gilford) sein Elternhaus, um am Ufer eines Flusses in einer Hütte zu leben und sich seinem Hobby zu widmen. Mehr. Gus continues to grow and mature, mirroring the path to adulthood many experience, until he meets a young fisherwoman, Eddy. Kristi Denton Cohen . Thomas A. Cohen,

FontSize: '', Source: The Wrap. A young man abandons his family for a solitary life of fly-fishing. Get your tickets here.

And almost everything is at least worth seeing.

Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll will never be the same after a medieval sex drug makes a comeback on the college party scene.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. scp.src='https://s.vi-serve.com/tagLoader.js';;

Mehr, Angeblich wollte Jared Leto nie wieder die Rolle des Batman-Gegenspielers übernehmen.

( Log Out /  What’s Coming And Going On Netflix: June 2015, 21 May 2015 A coming-of-age story narrated by Gus Orviston, a high school graduate and the oldest son in a fishing-crazed family. “In 2004, after I had completed an independent documentary (Vertical Frontier, about climbing at Yosemite National Park), I decided to give this another shot.”. The River Why was released by Image on DVD on November 8, 2011, and later distributed on Netflix, Netflix streaming (May 2012), Hulu Plus and most other outlets.

Wrong. Gus:

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Gus ultimately chooses her and the new life he has started to create for himself by releasing the fish when he finally catches it, mirroring man's quest for success, to only discover that true success is the happiness experienced by the abandonment of preconceived notions of success that are not applicable anymore to a growing life, entering into adulthood.

The film was released to critics in April, 2010. PG-13 The book ends with Gus completely growing up by confronting his parents with Eddy and forgiving them.

Die Höhle der Löwen 2020: Alle Deals der achten Staffel, The Masked Singer: Kostüme der 3.

“The River Why” Wins at Ashland Indie Film Fest! When it looks this easy, you know it was hard work indeed. The producers of the film made a commitment towards sustainable production practices, so throughout the project, Steel Head Films and Ambush Entertainment granted Reel Green Media consultants access to key departments, shooting locations, waste management monitoring and water management. City of Films


Director Matthew Leutwyler wisely lets his camera and his actors, including the eye-popping Wilson River near Portland, (this is one of those stories in which the environment is a character) tell the story. Fr., 09.

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