Spanish im·mer·sion

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  • Deep mental involvement in language acquisition

“His immersion in Spanish culture”

  • A method of teaching a foreign language by the exclusive use of that language, usually at a special school


The most effective method of learning a language involves extended periods of time completely immersing one’s self in a second language. The goal, and typically, the result of total immersion is bilingualism.


Immersion isn’t about sitting in a classroom painfully learning grammar and simple sentences; it’s about soaking in culture through social activities, food, television, news and games. (hyperlinked to services page)


Cualquier Cosa Que Puedas Puedo Hacer Hejor

(Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better)

  • There exists a common misunderstanding that second language acquisition in childhood has negative effects on capacity for first language (English) mastery. Quite the opposite is true, with statistics strongly indicating that students who learned a second language during their primary language acquisition performed on standardized testing as well, if not better than those that focused solely on primary language acquisition.


Simply The Best

  • As the world is moves towards a global market, bilingualism has become more and more useful. 85% of the world’s population speaks Spanish, making it the second most spoken language in the world, accounting for 410 million people. Giving yourself, or your children, the opportunity to integrate into the quickly evolving world is the key to cultural sensitivity, success in business and overall worldliness.


Forever Young, I Wanna Be…Forever Young

  • Learning a second language later in life is a proven method for keeping the mind sharp, and avoiding Alzheimer’s and other old age degenerative diseases.


Polyglot a Cracker?

  • Have you ever longed to be the master of many languages? Becoming bilingual in a second language is the key to learning many other languages. Once you attune your brain to bilingualism, the ability to acquire third and fourth languages becomes much easier.


Don’t let the fear of age, timing or simply intimidation stop you from learning the most lyrical, poetic and interesting of the romance languages. Visit Spanish Immersion Learning to find out the best program/ services for your Spanish language acquisition. No tardes (don’t delay) and contact us today!

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