Our Method

Spanish Immersion Learning

Our Method

The immersion approach to language learning has proven to be the most successful method in gaining native level proficiency. It’s scientifically proven that second language fluency occurs when students are completely immersed within a language, no matter the age. That’s why our lessons use a conversation-focused curriculum that puts real world communication first, enabling children and adults alike to enjoy and better immerse themselves in not only learning a language, but also different Spanish speaking cultures.

As famed Linguist and champion of immersion Louise Harber noted, “The key to immersion learning…is being in an environment where you are exposed to the new language in everyday scenarios, because you’re forced to learn. It works because that’s the way you learn your own language.” This simple yet incredibly powerful observation serves as the basis of our curriculum.

Students will be presented with the opportunity to engage with a native Spanish speaker every session. Our curriculum focuses on expanding vocabulary, developing reading and writing skills, while strengthening their appreciation for Latin American culture through music, art, games, and literature.

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