Spanish Fluency and Subsequent Affluence: The Benefits of Spanish in Business

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There are two different kinds of people who learn Spanish:

One does it for the cultural engagement and to challenge their intellect, or even to live abroad for the year. The other, do it for the profit margin.

Learning Spanish does more for you than creating a sense of ease while travelling:


Speaking Spanish Connects you with a Booming Market

  • Over 475 million (or, half a billion) people speak Spanish, globally.
  • 9% of Americans speak Spanish at home, and many would prefer to receive services in their native language.
  • Learning Spanish gives you the gift of cultural understanding and sensitivity, bringing you closer to clients and closing the deal.



  • Interested in Med or Law School? Bilingual students perform better on standardized testing.
  • Bilingual students possess increased linguistic capacities associated with increased academic performance, and overall increased ability to process and synthesize information.
  • When it comes to being admitted to top colleges, recognized second language fluency that can be included in standardized testing (which Spanish is) seriously increase the odds of admittance.


When it comes to Employment, be the Hunted, not the Hunter

  • The job market is competitive, and possessing a second language means you’re 10-15% more likely to be hired if you speak Spanish
  • Thanks to the globalization of the marketplace, and fluency in a second language, namely Spanish, will help you to compete globally.
  • The industries calling for second language fluency are endless and include:
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Work
  • Finance
  • Communications


Don’t be intimidated by the amount of learning ahead of you or stumbling in your learning journey. Spanish Immersion Learning uses a dynamic approach that makes learning Spanish enjoyable through experience and companionship. Please contact us for more details.

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