The Argument for Full Immersion Language Learning

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I often wonder why many schools and educational institutes still teach languages in classrooms, with instruction in English and lacking any level of inspiration. As the Owner and Director of Spanish Immersion Learning, I believe so fervently in an approach to Spanish education based upon Total Immersion Language Learning.


I have spent decades immersing myself in the magic of the Spanish Language, and believe fully and wholeheartedly in the Total Immersion method.


Bebé, talk is cheap. But Total Immersion Learning is backed by credible research.


Basically, the approach/theory goes like this:


  • Although it’s beneficial to create an environment for students that only permit language use in the target language (Spanish), bringing them out of the monotony of classroom and into the culture and life of the language through experience, play, camaraderie is more effective.


  • If something becomes meaningful to a person, their brain embraces the information and it becomes a natural part of the brain’s repertoire. At SIL, we embrace the idea of making language acquisition fun and engaging, because it’s the most effective method.


  • Active engagement with language via cultural exchanges, art, food and media (television, news) forces the learner outside of their shell and creates a sort of accountability; a natural desire to acclimate and adopt a language and culture becomes natural.


  • Children’s brains are like sponges, but the Immersion Learning Method brings their second language acquisition to the next level.


Interested in having a discussion about the immersion learning methods applied here? Send us an email

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