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No Yo Hablo Español!

The Story of Spanish Immersion Learning


The founder of Spanish Immersion Learning passion for Spanish was sparked during her last years of college. Upon finishing her degree, she decided to stay abroad in Chile to fully immerse herself within the Chilean culture and language. She was able to gain a real education about the Chilean school system, which lead her to quickly realize that education had greatly evolved (for the better) outside American borders.


Our Founder marveled at how insular American education and learning techniques are, and therefore underscoring the importance of international travel and education, to educate oneself about the languages and people of the world.


Unfortunately, travelling internationally isn’t an option for many people, and the opportunity to immerse oneself locally in a second language is the ideal option. After years of studying and acquiring romance language fluency, for the founder of SIL and children, a few things became certain:

  • Spanish Immersion Learning is based on extensive study of child education and development focusing on the Total Immersion Method, with the founder practicing as a preschool teacher (and later preschool director) who also went to business school.
  • The founder taught her children to easily acquire multiple language fluency, and did so by using all positive reinforcement by telling them what they can do and eliminating the word no. This approach guides them within context what they’re able to do: structured language learning in a natural and safe environment that directly aligns with the child’s development. Both the founder’s children were able to communicate with baby sign language from six months old.
  • There are programs of all different types and something to suit everyone’s language acquisition. SIL caters to young children, children, teenagers, college students, travellers and business people alike – something for everybody because Total Spanish Immersion works.


Feel free to contact Spanish Immersion Learning if you’d like to have a conversation about your soon to be love affair with Spanish.

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